We present document assembly software for the benefit of litigants in Florida. Our software allows litigants to enter case information and generate text-based documents that can be printed into PDF forms to assist litigants in their Florida cases.

Future offerings will include an automated pre-mediation program; legal training for non-lawyers working on their cases without the advantage of counsel; continuing legal education offerings; and an expert system designed to guide litigants through their case.

These offerings are designed to be free, continuing the underlying commitment of Hallisky Davis & Associates to provide access to justice to the citizens of Florida. We hope this project does some small part to return something to the community for the opportunity it has provided the attorneys of this firm.

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Pre-Mediation Services

Participate in a pre-mediation service designed to help litigants in a family law action eliminate issues in a cost effective manner. Focus on what is at issue, not the things you agree upon.


Document Generation

After you log in, click here to begin generate documents.

HDA Legal Software is developing a legal expert system

The future is about automation. The law is complex but structured, and this lends itself to programmed automation. The goal behind this website is to create an online platform all Florida residents can use to help themselves through the Florida Court system.

Document Generation for Florida Cases

There are plenty of document generation software packages out there, which are generic and designed for use around the entire country. HDA Legal Software is designed specifically for Florida cases.


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