Please fill in the following completely:

This section is about you, the landlord(s). If you are not the landlord(s) you are probably not using the right form.

What is(are) the landlord(s) full name? The landlord(s) should be thought of as the person(s) or entity(ies) listed in the public record as the owner of the property.
What is the street address of the landlord(s)?
What city do(es) the landlord(s) live in?
What state do(es) the landlord(s) live in?
What zip code do(es) the landlord(s) zip code?
What is the best phone number to reach the landlord(s)?
What is a good email address for you?

The section is about the tenant(s).

What is(are) the tenant(s) full names? Make sure all the tenant(s) (except any minor children) are listed on this notice.
What is the address of the rental property?
What city is the rental property located in?
What is the zip code of the rental property?
What county is the rental property located in?
What is the date the landlord(s) want(s) to serve the 3-day notice on the tenant(s)? Make sure this date is at least one day AFTER the rent is due.
Now count out four days skipping over weekends and legal holidays. Do not include the date you posted the notice. Please enter that date here.
How much rent is owed by the tenant(s)?

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